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External Links

External Links

This page includes links to external resources about Head and Neck Cancer.

For a complete list of resources developed by Head and Neck Cancer Australia click here. To see the list of all expert contributors involved in developing and reviewing Head and Neck Cancer Australia's resources please click here.

Clinical Trials


Diet and Nutrition


Health and Wellbeing

Changes to Appearance

Human Papilloma Virus

Laryngectomy Videos

Acknowledgement: Videos produced by the Learning Central Team at Royal Adelaide Hospital. 

Acknowledgement: Videos produced by the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
  • Laryngectomy Videos (view here)

    Watch these videos to learn more about what is involved in preparing for laryngectomy surgery and how to live well afterwards.
  • Before surgery
  • In hospital
  • Returning home
  • Learning to speak again
  • Swallowing
  • Being a neck breather
  • Getting back into life
  • Rosie's laryngectomy story

Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy

Patient and Carer Resources

Physiotherapy and Lymphoedema

Return to activity following a neck dissection
Hunter Cancer Research Alliance

Radiation Therapy

Understanding Cancer

Understanding Head and Neck Cancer

Head and Neck Cancer video series: Interviews by Julie McCrossin, former ABC broadcaster and Head and Neck Cancer patient

  • 2020 Head and Neck Cancer Australian Video Series
    • Surgery
    • Radiation Therapy
    • Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy
    • Dental Care 
    • Managing Distress and Recovery
    • Managing Mask Anxiety and The Remove the Mask Research
    • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Patients, Family & Community

      2021 Head and Neck Cancer Australian Video Series
    • Improving Dental Care for HNC patients
    • Improve access to Dental and Mental Health Services
    • Dental Challenges for Rural Patients
    • Dentists as part of HNC team in long term
    • Pre-treatment dental assessment
    • Radiation treatment impact on skin, mouth, dental
    • Radiation treatment - dry mouth, dental decay
    • Radiation treatment - rare side effects
    • Cleaning and caring for teeth and mouth
    • Dentists are essential teams members for HNC
    • Opportunities for dentists to develop best practice
    • See a dentist early before treatment
    • Australia's approach to funding dental for HNC
    • Ongoing dental and oral health for HNC

      2022 Head and Neck Cancer Australian Video Series
    • Immunotherapy Update
    • LINAC Radiation Therapy
    • LINAC Bunker & Benefits
    • Facial Reconstruction
    • Remove the Mask

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