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Stephen McPherson

Stephen McPherson has survived Head and Neck Cancer twice.

Stephen McPherson has survived head and neck cancer twice. He knows all too well the feelings of confusion, discomfort, fear, triumph and love. He lived through his ordeal and most importantly did not give up and survived, and now wants to help others going through the same challenges.

Which is why Stephen sat down and began writing...

Starting from his first encounter in 2015, how he was, “A typical Australian bloke, never very keen on going to the doctors”, to what he felt and had to deal with during the first diagnosis. He details the questions and research he did on his type of cancer, the initial operation and the jubilation he felt when he was eventually given the all clear.

Jump to 2017. His PET scans and regular examinations all look well, gentle optimism returns and he gets moved to a six monthly check up. At his first six monthly check up in 2018, his tongue is swollen.

Stephen documents everything. His feelings and fears surrounding the second diagnosis, the operation, and his recovery. He describes the staff who cared for him, dealing with feeding tubes, being in ICU and the challenges of communicating and remaining positive. He moves through radiation therapy and its impact, depression and pain and finally, emerging on the other side of it all eight months later.

Everything is discussed and commented on from the perspective of the patient, in fantastic detail with frank and deliberate honesty.

“When you’re in a tough situation, break it down into manageable steps. Literally, if need be. You’ll be able to focus on exactly what you need to be doing at that very moment and prevent being overwhelmed by the overall task.”

We could go into more detail on what Stephen has written, but you should really read it for yourself.

“Someone asked me why I took the time and trouble to write this booklet. Well it is because at the time I felt there was a lack of information around from someone who had actually lived it. I actually lived this ordeal and must importantly did NOT give up and survived. I hope this helps just one person who has to go through what I went through”.

There is no doubt of that Stephen. Thank you for sharing your story.

Click here to download a copy of Stephen's book, The Second Encounter

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