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Fighting for the Faces of Head and Neck Cancer

Head and Neck Cancer Australia is working hard to achieve better outcomes and improved quality of life for all people living with Head and Neck Cancer in Australia. But we can’t do it without your support. Together, we can make a difference.

Unlike other more common cancers, there is currently no funding from the Federal Government to encourage Head and Neck Cancer prevention and increase early diagnosis or for supportive care after the acute period of treatment ends.

What needs to change?

We are asking the Federal Government for funding support to:  

  • Help raise awareness of Head and Neck Cancer in the general public to encourage prevention and increase early diagnosis.
  • Improve knowledge of best-practice diagnosis and referral pathways for Head and Neck Cancer among GPs and Dentists.
  • Ensure patients receive the right information, that’s right for them, at the right time.
  • Support people who are cured but living with the long-term consequences of Head and Neck Cancer treatment, including oral prehabilitation and rehabilitation funding .

We need your help to advocate on behalf of all people living with Head and Neck Cancer across Australia and ask for this funding to be prioritised on the national agenda. 

No one knows Head and Neck Cancer better than you do. We need to ensure our leaders hear directly from the voices of people impacted by Head and Neck Cancer whether you’re a patient, carer, family member, friend or healthcare professional.

How can you help?

We encourage you to contact your Federal Member of Parliament and tell them why you believe they need to do more for people affected by Head and Neck Cancer. 

It’s important to let them know: 

  1. Who you are and why you care about Head and Neck Cancer.

  2. Why it’s so important that the voices of people living with Head and Neck Cancer are heard, like other more common cancers. 

How to Contact Your Local MP

Find Your Local MP 

  1.  Select your state or territory. 
  2. Enter your suburb, hit search and your local member profile will appear. 

  3. Send your Local MP a letter.

Please keep us updated

Please send a copy of your email or letter to [email protected]. Please also consider sharing a copy of any response you may receive from your Local Member’s office.

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