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What the Heck is Head and Neck Awareness Campaign

In July 2023 we created the campaign, What the Heck is Head and Neck Cancer? in response to the question so many of us are asked when we tell someone about Head and Neck Cancer.

We turned July into Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month in Australia, with the belief that one day (World Head and Neck Cancer Day is 27 July) is not enough to get the word out about this unique group of cancers. 

Many people have never heard of Head and Neck Cancer (HNC), until they, or a loved one is diagnosed.

HNC covers a range of different cancers classified based on their location in the head and neck and the type of cancer cells.  It's not as straightforward or tangible as say Breast, Prostate, Lung or Cervical Cancer so it can be met with confusion.

Treatment can affect a person's core abilities such as eating & drinking, swallowing, speaking and even breathing - as well as how a person looks, affecting mental health.

We asked for help to raise awareness about HNC in the general public and acknowledge the impact it has on people affected in our community.

With over 5,000 people diagnosed each year (not including Thyroid Cancer or Skin Cancers of the head and neck) and more than 17,000 people living with the side effects of treatment, it's more important than ever.

We asked our community to:

  1. Host a Soup for the Soul fundraiser
  2. Go Dry this July
  3. Share our posts on social media
  4. Make a donation or visit our store

Your donation can help change lives

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