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Recent Report Findings of HANCA-supported Senate Inquiry

Head and Neck Cancer Australia welcomes the findings of the recent Senate Inquiry into Equitable Access to Diagnosis and Treatment for Individuals with Rare and Less Common Cancers, including neuroendocrine cancer released last week.

As Head and Neck Cancer Australia highlighted, both in a written submission and witness representation at the Inquiry, people living with Head and Neck Cancer have unique and complex needs. 

We were most pleased to see the Committee’s recommendation for the Australian Government to work with state and territory governments to identify the barriers faced by cancer patients requiring rehabilitation, prosthetics and implants as a result of their treatment, with a view to ensuring they have financial support for those services. 

There are currently no systematic funding schemes in Australia at a State or Federal Government level for Facial Prosthetic or Dental services. Financial barriers together with limited access to specialist services results in a significant impact on the quality of life of priority groups, identified in the Australian Cancer Plan, who are cured of cancer but living with the side effects of Head and Neck Cancer treatment. Most patients who undergo major head and neck treatment never access the care they need. 

We look forward to working with the Federal Government in the coming months to move this recommendation into action by securing funding for Head and Neck Cancer patients. Thank you to the members of the Head and Neck Cancer Dental and Maxillofacial Benefits Scheme Committee currently working with us on this key issue. 

To read the full report including 41 recommendations related to screening, diagnosis, barriers to accessing appropriate treatment, adequacy of support services and adequacy of Commonwealth research funding for rare and less common cancers, visit: 

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