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HANCA's 2022 Government Submission

Head and Neck Cancer Australia are pleased to announce the completion of our 2022 Government Submission to raise awareness and improve outcomes for people living with Head and Neck Cancer.

Most people in Australia know very little about head and neck cancer. The majority of those who have heard about it are under the false impression that the main contributing lifestyle factor is smoking or alcohol. While in the past this was true, what many people don’t know is that today in Australia the face of head and neck cancer has changed.

Our submission is calling for a national campaign to raise awareness about the changing face of HNC among the general public, GP’s and dentists to encourage best-practice diagnosis and promote early detection of HNC. 

We are also advocating for government investment in the HNC My Journey App. The app is modelled off the highly successful My Journey App developed by Breast Cancer Network Australia. The app aims to enable healthcare professionals to deliver customised, evidence-based and trusted information tailored to the patient's diagnosis and treatment, straight to a patient's smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Finally, we are advocating for increased HNC Survivorship Support. This project would focus on supporting people living with HNC in rural, regional and remote Australia. 

Do you want to support this submission? We encourage YOU to write to your local Member of Parliament to tell them why you want them to do more for Head and Neck Cancer patients. To find out more click here

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