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HANCA advocates for Head and Neck Cancer patients at Senate Inquiry

Our CEO, Nadia Rosin and Board Directors Carolyn Smith and Dr Matthew Magarey today appeared at a Senate inquiry in Sydney into 'equitable access to diagnosis and treatment for individuals with rare and less common cancers including neuroendocrine cancer' , sharing a session with representatives from the Leukaemia Foundation and Neuroblastoma Australia.
It was an important opportunity for Head and Neck Cancer Australia to advocate for:
  • More awareness o HNC for GPs, Dentists and the general public
  • A national Dental and Maxillofacial subsidy program for HNC patients
  • Supportive care following treatment for HNC
Speaking at the enquiry Nadia Rosin told the inquiry:
“Our patients receive the most complex care in the public system from surgery to radiation therapy, yet there is no public funding for optimal pre-treatment oral care or oral rehabilitation including for patients who have had teeth removed.
In Australia if you lose a limb due to disease or illness, you will most likely be covered by the public health system for a prosthesis, yet for someone who has had an eye, nose or ear removed as a result of cancer there is no prosthetic funding scheme available.
These people are cured but their lives will never be the same. The services they need to function at the most basic level are considered cosmetic.”
HANCA shared the stories of our community living with HNC and called on the Senate Committee to support the allocation of funding towards a National Dental and Maxillofacial Rehabilitation Program for HNC patients.
While the total numbers are small there is an opportunity to completely transform the quality of life of people living with HNC in Australia.
We will be updating any news on the Senate Inquiry and the Australian Cancer Plan, and what they mean for our community here.  
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