Particularly in the early days after a diagnosis, information is key.

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Being diagnosed with cancer can be a very scary and confronting experience.

Being diagnosed with head and neck cancer can be even more confusing and daunting given the complexity of these types of cancers and the impact they can have on a person’s basic abilities like eating, breathing, speaking, drinking and swallowing.

Head and Neck Cancer Australia provides easy to understand information about each type of head and neck cancer. Our resources include a comprehensive library of information sheets, 3D animations, patient and carer videos and podcasts. 

You may also like to download Cancer Council Australia's Understanding Head and Neck Cancer Booklet.

We also support people living with head and neck cancer by connecting them where possible with others who have been through similar experiences. Please contact us on 1300 424 848 or email to find out more.

Patient resources

Click through for information on each type of head and neck cancer including factsheets, 3D animations, videos and podcasts. 

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Patient Stories

Read personal stories about different types of head and neck cancer. 

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Patient and carer support

Search our Directory for patient and carer support groups across Australia. 

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Learn more about how the immobilisation mask is made, side effects of treatment and watch patient videos.  

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Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Learn more about HPV related head and neck cancers. 

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Head and Neck Cancer Surgical Procedures

Learn more about the different types of head and neck cancer surgical procedures. 

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Teeth and Mouthcare

Treatment for head and neck cancer, especially radiation therapy, can cause side effects to your teeth and mouth, Learn more about keeping your teeth and mouth healthy.

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Diet & Nutrition

Treatment for head and neck cancer can make it hard to eat and drink. Learn more about nutrition, staying well-hydrated and tips to enjoy your food to help you keep weight on.

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Health and Wellbeing

Information to help you, your family and friends cope with symptoms of head and neck cancer during treatment, recovery and life after cancer.

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