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Brisbane Head and Neck Cancer Support

About the Group
Marty Doyle started the first Head and Neck Cancer Support Group in Australia in Brisbane in 2006. Following treatment for Squamous Cell Carcinoma with Unknown Primary in late 2004, Marty found that while there was support for other cancers and cancer in general there was none specifically for Head and Neck Cancer.

With the assistance of Cancer Council Queensland, who supply the meeting room, the support group has been holding meetings every month for over 11 years. We have also created greater awareness for the cancer not only in Brisbane but also around the rest of Australia.

We set up to help patients and their carers cope with the enormous number of clinicians, allied professionals and treatment challenges - Pre, During and Post Treatment.

Everyone has the opportunity to talk to others who have experienced Head and Neck Cancer. We share our experiences, struggles and achievements because everyone is different. Different location, different treatment, different long term side effects.

We also encourage and engage with partners, carers and family to help them adjust and understand. We offer an opportunity to talk, listen and share experiences and information in a relaxed, caring environment.

The group also provides opportunities for health professionals to join in the conversation, so we can all share our experiences and understand what is going on.

Members say they often feel less alone, more informed and more supported through and after their cancer experience. they say it helps them to understand and cope with the “new normal”.

More information    
Facebook: Head and Neck Cancer Support Australia

Head and Neck Cancer Support Group Brisbane

Cancer Council Queensland
553 Gregory Terrace
QLD 4006

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Meets second Tuesday of every month. 

Marty Doyle
0419 708 188
[email protected]

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