Targeting cancer - Side effects of radiation therapy

Follow-up care

Regardless of the type of skin cancer, once a person has had one skin cancer, they are at increased risk for the same or other types of skin cancer. Regular follow-up is recommended, and is best in partnership with your GP and dermatologist. It is very important that you attend follow up appointments/visits with your doctor. How often you should attend a follow up can be different, but commonly it is every 3 months for the first 2 years. 
If you have had a major resection, involving surgery of the lymph nodes, ongoing follow-up of this area is required, in addition to routine checking of your skin by your GP or dermatologist. 

You may also need to have follow-up scans to catch any early signs of recurrence of the cancer. This may include CT, MRI  and PET scanning. Remember you should contact your cancer doctor or GP if you have any concerns in the time between your visits.