Questions to ask

  •  Exactly what type of nasopharyngeal cancer do I have? Where is it located?
  •  Why did I get this cancer? Is it related to the HPV virus?
  •  What stage is the cancer? 
  •  What are my treatment options? Which treatment do you recommend for me and why?
  •  Have you discussed my case at a Multidisciplinary Team meeting and what were the recommendations?
  •   Who will be part of the cancer care team, and what does each person do? Should I see another specialist before treatment, such as a radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, plastic surgeon, dentist, dietician or speech pathologist?
  •  What are the possible side effects of treatment in the short- and long-term? How can they be prevented or managed?
  •  Will the treatment affect my ability to eat, swallow, or speak? Will I need a feeding tube?
  •  What will happen if I don't have any treatment?
  •  How much will the treatment and/or operation cost? Will Medicare or my health insurance cover it?
  •  What follow-up tests will I need? How often will they be?
  •  Am I suitable for any clinical trials?
  •  What lifestyle changes (diet, exercise) do you recommend I make?
  •  Who can I call if I have any problems or questions?
  •  Where can I find emotional support for me and my family? Is there a support group or psychologist you can recommend?
  •  If I wanted to get a second opinion, can you provide all my medical details? Do you mind if I get a second opinion? 

Questions to Ask
Followup Care
Supportive Care
Incurable Cancer

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