Getting a second opinion

The complex nature of cancer means that there is not always only one way to for it to be treated. A second opinion may help you to feel more confident about your diagnosis and treatment options.

A second opinion may help to:

  • confirm your diagnosis

  • give you extra details about your cancer

  • give you a different perspective from another cancer expert

  • give you alternative treatment options that you had not yet considered.

You might think it will be awkward to tell your doctor you would like a second opinion. But don’t worry. Getting a second opinion is common and healthcare professionals are used to this. In fact, your doctor may help arrange an appointment with another specialist they feel is expert in your type of cancer. Either specialist will be happy to lead your treatment if that’s what you decide. This can be an important part of you making a decision. A second opinion may help you feel more comfortable about the treatment plan your doctor recommended. It can also give you the chance to hear about a different treatment option. Knowing about all your options will help you feel more confident about the decisions you make.